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The book Mullaism is a system in which, the author has used “Mullaism” to indicate modern terror; Mullaism is a characteristic behavior of religious leader known as Mullah; it is an ism created by the author, after the 1979 revolution of Iran. Mullaism in simple terms is an old, deceitful, metamorphosed and powerful cult; the book Mullaism is an extensive research on the foundation, formation, growth, expansion, rise to power, and the schools decline and fail from power by loss of its popularity. The book exposes the progression from the foundation and growth of Mullas to power.

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Mullaism is an ism, created by myself;after the 1979 revolution of Iran; the suffix ism is added to Mullah to designate, it is an old, deceitful, metamorphosed and powerful terrorist cult;

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Detailed analysis on the work of one of the most powerful political and religious figures of the 20-th century..

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 Mulla Khalkhali claims, every execution he headed was commanded directly by Khomeini himself.

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Millions of Iranians submit themselves to a Mulla and wasted their lives and the lives of all Iranians not yet born.

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The most visible social disorder emerged among Iranians, when an image of Mulla Khomeini appeared in the moon…

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From the soil in which the Mullahs grew in, to the soil in which the Mullahs infected, the soil I saw become infertile and foreign.

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