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A comparison can be made to Ken Kersey’s work: “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, in the book Chief Bromden is fictitiously deaf-mute but in Iran, the characters are real. Even though we hear and talk, we remain mute, some claim not to be mute, those are killed immediately if they ever speak.
Mullaism, introduction, first publication, UK, May 2003.

with my estimation, in the last 44 years, ten million Iranians have lost their lives to the barbaric government of Allah’s  “false spiritual pride”.

NB:  regretfully I used deaf-mute in 2003 “hearing impaired” could be used but still negative.

"From the soil in which the Mullahs grew in, to the soil in which the Mullahs infected, the soil I saw become infertile, this is the soil of Iran..."


The book Mullaism is a system in which, the author has used “Mullaism to indicate modern terror; Mullaism is a characteristic behaviour of a religious leader known as Mullah; it is an ism created by the author after the 1979 revolution of Iran. Mullaism in simple terms is an old deceitful, metamorphosed and powerful cult; the book Mullaism is an extensive research on the foundation, formation, growth, expansion, rise to power, and the school’s decline and fall from power by the loss of its popularity, The book exposes the progression from the foundation and growth of Mullahs to power.

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The author has had countless visits to Iran, over the years and has spent considerable amount of time in courts of justice and was able to analyse the judiciary system and all areas of the Sharia laws and wrote about them. The author explains the effect of Iran’s nuclear ambition and its financial damages plus psychological warfare imposed by the western powers to the citizens of Iran. Combines with the barbaric behaviour of the Islamic Republic, which has made our nation very vulnerable to take resentment; this is noticeable in the author’s style of writing.